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NetZero by Design inc.

Our goal is to build you a Net-zero home on a budget you can afford.

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Design and build with us the dream house you have always wanted to the energy efficiency level of your desire.

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Renewable energy sources will balance out your energy needs



Testimonial: My ICF home in Middletown CA

by Damon

I had been reading about ICF construction for years, and was sold on the idea, but never had a chance to try it out. I am a property manager by profession, and have built ten new homes as a sideline over the years. In 2012 I decided to try building an ICF home, to live in as my second home, in Middletown CA.

I was happy to work with Allen Winters, one of the principals of Net Zero By Design. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and gave me the confidence to try this new way of homebuilding. He explained in great detail, why ICF is amazing.

I'm a natural skeptic, but it all made sense to me. I was told about the incredible insulation and thermal mass qualities of ICF, the quietness of the home, and the "critter-proof" qualities of concrete. I totally understood, from experience, the faults of wood construction, and with the confidence of knowing the logic, I decided to venture into the unknown world of creating and living in an ICF home.

Construction went well, and the inner ICF walls were easy to install wiring and plumbing, where applicable. I used drywall over the inside of the exterior walls (with the foam facing), and because there was no wood to warp, the finished walls came out completely flat.

Another very positive aspect that saved me a ton of money was that I had Allen Winters' crew make an almost mirror-finished concrete slab floor, poured over hydronic looped heating piping (Pex). That floor was later grooved and stained to look like a large, beautiful tile floor throughout. The total cost for stain and sealer, which I applied with a helper, cost about $250 total in materials and maybe 8 hours labor. If you know how expensive flooring can be, you will understand the huge savings.

Now that I've lived in the home over a is unlikely I will ever build a stick frame home again. This home has either matched or exceeded every expectation I had. The home is SO quiet. The temperature does not swing rapidly like a stick framed home will, and I'm saving a lot on heating and cooling. It feels so solid, safe, and secure! If I ever sell this house, I'm sure it will fetch a premium price due to all of these features.

As you can see from the pictures of my home, it doesn't at all look like what someone would think a "concrete house" should look like. I highly recommend building an ICF home to anybody, and I wholeheartedly recommend Net Zero by Design to make it happen.

Should you have any questions about my project, you may contact me at Note: I was neither paid nor compensated for this endorsement, and wrote this testimonial because I think this construction method is simply amazing.